We always hope to meet requests from our customer.
And we make effort to come true constantly.
It's our immutable spirit as the pioneer of plastic compounding.
We got the reliance from our customers by rich experiences and constant technical development.
And we will continue to give our customer satisfactions.
Please come into contact with Kohwa Chemicals Inc.COMPANY PROFILE
Corporate Name Kohwa Chemicals Inc.
Establishment July, 1967
Capital 10 million yen
President Shigenori Mochida
Employees 80 (as of March 31, 2014)
Operations Plastics compounding and coloring
Head Office Address 71 Yamada , Katsuragi-shi , Nara 639-2138 Japan
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Neat Polymer Additive Agent
Polyamide 6 Glass Fiber Plasticizer
Polyamide 66 Glass Balloon Liquefied Additive Agent
Polyamide 46 Talc Reactive Additive Agent
Polyarylate Wollastonite Dye
Liquid Crystal Polymer Flame Retardant Paints
Polyphenylenesulfide Antioxidant Carbon Fiber
Polysulfone UV Absorbers Metal Powder
Polyethersulfone Stabilizer Metal Fiber
Lubricant Conducting Fiber
CONTACT US E-mail info@kohwa-chem.co.jp
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